‘If you improve 1% each day, you double in ability roughly every 70 days.’ – Alan Weiss

This amazing ONE-a-day app let’s you to stay true to that 1%. ‘Set one goal a day, and the app help you to fulfill it.’

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Bo Wong
‘It is just fun doing. And when I complete the ONE of today, I already look forward to tomorrow. Before you realize, you have booked a lot of progress! One a day makes me aware I should not procrastinate the little things which don’t seem to be important in life right away, but actually are important in the long run. ‘
Bo Wong Student TU Delft Industrial Design

No excuses

Setting a goal is simple. But how often it happens that – by the end of the day, week or month – you realize you’ve totally forgotten your goal? With the amazing, yet simple ONE-a-day app, you won’t have excuses anymore. The app helps you to stay true to your goals. Set one goal a day, and the app help you achieve it, simply by reminding you in five different ways. Be 10 times a better person within a year! Find out why.

Simple, yet important

For days and days, we’ve been doing one important task every day, so that no day goes by without becoming a better version of ourselves. ONE-a-day has changed our lives dramatically, and we are genuinely convinced that it can change yours too. One small step can change your life. Are you bold enough to join us?