The 80/20 guide to a high-converting website

Online persuasion

Do you want your website to convert, without paying a fortune to a web psychologist, a neuroscientist, an interaction designer, an UX-expert or any other professional you can think of? Then this guide is just for you. We have created a systematic framework for a high-converting website, based on the best practices of web persuasion.

Pacelle van Goethem
'Really enjoyed the book. A page-turner full of wonderful ideas.'
Pacelle van Goethem Method for Persuasion

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✓ 3 modules: rapport, respect & reward
✓ 306 pages
✓ English

A systematic framework

Franca van Nunen
'Clear, specific and clarifying! Easy to read and very useful. I love the screenshots, they bring TP3 to life!'
Franca van Nunen Founder of Green Passion, a good food bar


TP3 consists of 3 building blocks

Action-oriented: increase conversion from the start


Smart people use TP3


What others say

Paul 't Mannetje
TP3…a must for plenty. 'When I was introduced to this e-book, I was a bit hesitant: 300 pages! But when I saw that TP3 is made ‘for independent lifestyle entrepreneurs with little budget and little time who are desperate for a converting website, I was delighted. Those guys know what I want. Let’s start! Wow! TP3 grabs you by the throat. I directly started, while having my website opened in the browser and a clean sheet of paper in front of me. I love the fact that TP3 consists of three separate modules, which you can work with independently. The many examples and own experiences are great. The takeaways and the summaries helps you to keep an overview. And the top 10 lists at the end are very helpful. The book makes you want to get to work. You are encouraged to use your own creativity and to make improvements to your site straight away. In short, a spot on system for years to come. Whether you are a developer, an entrepreneur or a student, it doesn’t matter; TP3 is full of inspiration and definitely worth the (small) investment.'
Paul 't Mannetje Talent coach and founder of the 'Discover your own strengths' test
'The Persuasive Three made me think of who my blog actually is for and how to better reach this audience. By combining psychology, research and experience in online marketing, the writers established a highly practical and interesting database that you can use when you make or edit your website. The massive amount of examples makes it a very useful and readable guide, whether you are an experienced professional or a beginning whizzkid like me.'
Elize, a lifestyle blog
TP3 is a must-read for lifestyle entrepreneurs with a little budget. It's clearly written and a fun book to read, not too much theory but practical with lots of tips and interesting examples. I love the personal touch of the book. The authors share their successes and mistakes and explain how to be likeable and businesslike. They truly inspired me to get to work and get things done for my online magazine. TP3 gives a step by step guide to respond to the mind of your public and to improve your website. It's the perfect game plan with actionable ideas you can use today.
Nienke Glow Magazine
Annemieke de Kroon
'Wow, what a great eBook. I read it in one go, while I typed a list of notes to immediately work on my own website. The 80/20 guide makes it really clear to optimize your website for conversion. Even a layman like me understands how to imply the tips and tools provided. The many examples, the manageable steps, and the most important things for conversion right now; all can be found in one book. It saves you a lot of money and time. Also, you are treated with wonderful quotes, and empowering videos. All this is supported by the latest research. You can be sure to it will get you the results. The eBook consists of three main parts, which are themselves subdivided into smaller categories. Very clear and easy to use as a guide. You will also learn which 'personas' to target, how to build rapport with your potential customers and how to make them have a longer and more pleasant stay at your website. You also learn how to earn the trust of your customers, and how to make him keep coming back. Next, you will learn how to show that you are the expert, in a way where you stay true to yourself: unique, passionate and real. And at the same time, how you can capture the attention of your audience. Are you looking for a practical and good readable eBook that will help you to improve your website conversion instantly? Then I can really recommend The Persuasive Three! I immediately go to work. Do you do, too?
Annemieke de Kroon Superfood expert,
Norbert Quetier
'When I started reading The Persuasive Three it directly reminds me of “Purple Cow” writen by Seth Godin. A book easy to read, not only for professionals, but also for those who don't know much about marketing, and need to know more about how to promote new products and concepts. The well chosen real life examples help you test what is working for you and your business. Enjoy reading and hopefully it will be useful for you as it is for me.'
Norbert Quetier Effio

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The typical user is:

— A smart entrepreneur;
— With sky-high ambitions;
— That wants his website to work for him (instead of the other way around);
— And has feeling with internet and marketing.

Although our system is specifically built for entrepreneurs like us, the techniques of TP3 are universal. We have found that it works too for:

✓ Internet entrepreneurs

✓ Independent professionals

✓ Online marketeers

✓ Webdesigners

✓ Internet- & social media experts

It is very useful to get to know the systems of influence right from the start. We won’t explain technical terms do, so you might want to use Google along the way.

Besides, don’t expect us to explain how to use your CMS or how to install Google Analytics. This is not in the scope of TP3.

If you thoroughly research all possible techniques to improve your website, it will cost you years. TP3 is result oriented. That’s why we applied the 80/20-rule: with the 20% most effective techniques we get 80% of the result. We looked into hundreds of sources. So you don’t have to. Focus on the results.

Whatever works for you. We have experience with both Squarespace and WordPress. Squarespaces websites are great, free from erros, quick and beautiful. WordPress gives you unlimited possibilities.

Ultimately, each of you 3 should read TP3. But if you must choose, read it yourself. It gives you control and you would be able to instuct your partners.

TP3 is a great starting point. We won’t explain the techniques in great detail, though.

No. And it won’t be. Using your tablet or desktop is easier, since you can visit the links and check out web pages straight away.

Yes. Our product has proven to be 100% successful: each person that used TP3 has increased conversion.

You are able to find everything you need online. If you do an extensive research (which will take loads of time) you will. However, TP3 is our own system, and the way we have simplified things for you has never been done before.

People who have applied TP3 see results straight away. You will need 4 hours for reading only. However, we advise you to spend at least 2 working days at the start. After that, use TP3 as a reference guide.

From our experience, we could tell that you always gain new insights when reading TP3. Besides, it is not just knowing what to do, it is doing what you know, right? TP3 is a highly practical system to apply what you know.

Congrats! You would be the first. You may use the ‘Double or Nothing Guarantee’. Just mail us within 2 months after buying the product, and we will refund the money.

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