3 audiobooks that changed my life

Before starting this site, I brainstormed more than 20 article ideas. One of them was named ’10 audiobooks that changed my life’. However, at that time, there were only two writers that really stood out for me. I listened to them on and on. They helped me to become successful in so many ways like mindset, habits, goal setting and focus. As I didn’t have the 10 audiobooks for my article yet, I deced to keep the article in the pipeline for some time. More than a year later, the article was still a draft. Because although I listened to many audiobooks, there still was a large gap between those two authors and the rest. I will shortly tell you which 3 audiobooks I highly recommend. But before doing so, I will briefly tell you why you should listen to audiobooks.

Although there are very cheap or free platforms to listen to audiobooks like Spotify, iTunes and Audible, I feel that audiobooks are still highly underrated. There are far more people who read books than people who listen to books. However, many successful people listen to audiobooks. Here’s what they say:

Zig Ziglar
‘When you listen to something that appeals to you emotionally. When you read it that appeals to you logically. If you read it and hear it, then you’re far more inclined to take action on it.’ (this actually is from one of Zig’s audiobooks I share below :).
Zig Ziglar
Seth Godin

‘When I was starting out on my own, success was not around the corner or even in sight. For years, I was flirting on the edge of failure. I was thrown out of salescalls, rejected by just about every organization I approached and was pretty stuck. More than once I considered giving up the entire entrepreneur thing.One of the key factors in both surviving this time and figuring out how to shift gears was my exposure to (as we called them then) books on tape, particularly the work of Zig Ziglar. I listened for sometimes hours every day. I’ve been grateful to Zig every day since, and I still listen regularly. This is a fairly modern tool, one that rewires our brains with consistent results. Of course, you need a car or some other sort of mindless commute, an mp3 player and the right material–a perfect storm of just the right sort of distraction and repetition. I’m hard pressed to think of another form of modern media that has such consistently successful results.’

Seth Godin

If I haven’t convince you yet, then you might ask yourself why guys like Tim Ferriss start mingling in the audiobook business. If you can’t wait to start listening, here are the 3 audiobooks that changed my life:

  1. Anthony Robbins — The Edge: the power to change your life now
  2. Zig Ziglar — How to Stay Motivated: Changing the picture, Developing the Qualities of Success, The Goals program
  3. Anthony Robbins — Time of Your Life


by Nawaz

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