Dear visitor. Thanks for visiting our website on your pursuit of greatness. We are currently building our ACADEMY. As we believe in laser focus, we drastically decided not to add new content to this website. However, as most lessons on success are timeless, there is still enough to learn on our platform. Now go, nail your way to success!

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Sheraz the explorer

Why we started this site

When we started our entrepreneurial story, back in 2009, we had 0 experience and 0 budget. Success didn’t come easy, and we made some crucial mistakes, such as:

  1. Having goals, but no goals program.
  2. Working hard instead of working smart.
  3. Having people that want to buy from us, but didn’t know what to buy from us.

Fortunately, we both had the grit and knew we were going to make it. We knew that failing miserably  is part of the deal, but that only losers fail again and again on things they don’t need to. And instead of wining about what went wrong, we decided to learn from those who did make it. We started reading books, listening to audiotapes, watching videos and speaking with successful people.

Steven Pressfield told us to do the work. Seth Godin kept on saying ‘drip, drip, drip you win’. Zig Ziglar taught us that outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission. Norman Vincent Peale wrote that you should change your thoughts to change your world. Tim Ferriss explained that if you let pride stop you, you will hate life. And Stephen Covey told us to begin with the end in mind.

We realized that success leaves clues, and we realized that the steps winners take are the same, whether they are taken by a noble Buddhist or a Wolf of Wall Street.

But although modelling winners might be the winning strategy, this isn’t easy. How many people read ‘The Four Hour Workweek or ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ or whichever popular self-book you know? And how many people actually get that 4 hour workweek or actually become rich or achieve whatever else they aspire? We knew that ‘it is not knowing what to do, it is doing what you know’, as Tony Robbins has said.

So we started putting things in action radically and saw how things worked out for us. Slowly but gradually, we designed this step-by-step framework for success, shaped and tested in real life. The goal: creating a life on our terms. To live the ultimate independent lifestyle. People come to this site to improve their game. They take massive action, so that they too, nail their way to success.


Not for everybody

Although the steps to success are universal, we built our system for (people like) us. We have great ambitions, but they do not involve:

  1. Building a multinational with thousands of employees in 30 countries (we want to be free)
  2. Putting profits before purpose instead of the other way around (the purpose of life is a life of purpose);
  3. Earning money with a job you hate (we love our work);
  4. Working day and night, week after week, year after year (we do love our work but we also value our free time);
  5. Earning a (slightly above) average income for a (slightly above) mediocre life (we want an extraordinary life)
  6. People who happily play it safe (instead of doing what has never been done before)
  7. Those who settle for less when things get rough (we don’t give up, never)

Papa Kazmi at Hills & Mills


Sheraz retreating

What success looks like to us (7 random personal things)

  1. Waking up motivated every day because you know you are going to spend it on the things you love with the ones you love;
  2. Giving back to dad by making his life dreams of having his own café and publishing an own cook book come true and make it greater than he ever expected;
  3. Giving back to mom by following our heart and to work on the projects that matter to us;
  4. Leading a tribe and inspiring people to live a life of purpose;
  5. Traveling to New-Zealand and calling it a business trip, exploring Gambia, Indonesia and whichever country we want, when we want;
  6. Having the opportunity to take regular short brakes to meditate and spending time on other personal development activities to become Zen;
  7. Having an absolute (work-)life balance feeling more energetic than the guy behind The Energy Project;

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