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6 To-Do List Do’s

Like many people, I have never learned (how) to make use of to-do lists. Perhaps it’s because the system is broken, but I never learned this basic skill on neither primary school, not on secondary school, nor university.  It is only a couple of years ago, that I taught myself. It has skyrocketed my productivity […]

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On Being Generous: The 6P-Model

Last week, we asked Seth Godin about his thoughts on how to step up without being seen as a show off. His asnwer was straightforward: ‘when your work is generous’ (instead of selfish, people see it as stepping up instead of showing off). How do we create generous work? We make sure to always follow […]


Restaurant Secrets from Two Brothers (and Their Dad)

We will soon start a series of posts in which we share lessons we learned from running a restaurant with our dad. You may apply those lessons to your life, career and business.  People like Seth Godin and Ramit Sethi regularly use the restaurant analogy. It is such a great industry to learn from. Think about […]