Everybody dies, but not everybody lives (I discovered a genius)

I get very excited when I spot a genius. That is why I was delighted to stumble upon a great artist last week. Prince Ea immediately made a lasting impression on me. I saw his videos being shared on social media a couple of times, and I just thought he had a funny stage name. I was happy to give him a chance. Prince Ea, born as Richard Williams in 1988, is a modern day artist promoting the ideals of education, intelligence, unity and creativity throughout the world at large through rap. His aim is to create and nurture a community of free-thinkers under the purpose of promoting intelligence to everyone, everywhere and integrate it with hip-hop.

Prince Ea shares life lessons about purpose, meaning and impact and he does so in his very own way. He is known as a rapper, but you can also see him as a modern poet or motivational speaker. He really is something else. I see him as an influencer from my own generation. Perhaps it is because he integrates knowledge I derived from my greatest inspirators. For instance, he covers topics about (business as an) art and fear just like Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield and topics about motivation and mindset just like Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar. He even shares insights from Buddhism, and he does so in a very down-to-earth manner.

Below, I share my favourite six videos. It was really hard to make a selection. So make sure to check out his YouTube channel as well.




by Nawaz

Nawaz (1987) from The Netherlands is one of the two brothers who founded INMWTS. As the secret behind 6 unusual, but successful brands, they live their dream since 2009 and encourage others to do the same. Go, nail your way to success!