On Being Generous: The 6P-Model

Last week, we asked Seth Godin about his thoughts on how to step up without being seen as a show off. His asnwer was straightforward: 'when your work is generous' (instead of selfish, people see it as stepping up instead of showing off). How do we create generous work? We make sure to always follow our 6 P’s of purpose, building our concept keeping in mind the 6 P’s: purpose, people, power, passion, present and profit. In this article, we explain how. 

When you share your successes, people might misjudge you as arrogant, and you will face negative emotions such as jealousy and envy. We asked Seth Godin about when saying ‘here, I made this’ can be defined as stepping up, and not showing off. His answer: when your work is generous.

So how do you make sure your work is generous? We do this by applying our own ‘6P-model’:


By following the 6P’s, we make sure our work is generous.

Let’s take a look at one of our brands, The Pure Family. This is a group of concepts, each with an identical philosophy, while having a unique character at the same time. The Pure Family consists of Hills & Mills (a pure food café), HAKA (a pure salad bar) and Papa Kazmi (a pure cook book). Here’s how we applied the 6P’s:

1. Purpose

Our purpose is to make people happy with our passion for pure living.

2. People

  • For Hills & Mills, we rely on our dad.
  • We co-founded HAKA with Arjan Koen.
  • Both dad and Arjan built energetic teams with a positive mindset.
  • Within no time we created an invaluable, loyal stakeholder network.
  • For the cook book, we work together with an amazing designer and a passionate food photographer.
  • Both the café and the bar were designed with talented peers.

3. Power

We have worked in the catering business for years, completed academic studies, read dozens of management books, developed our own leadership style and traveled the world to find inspiration.

4. Passion

We love building purposeful concepts and we worked hard to find out how to do it well.

5. Present

  • At Hills & Mills, we aim to create a unique atmosphere which people cannot find elsewhere. People are personally welcomed by dad and we serve them unique and healthy dishes. The goal is to enlighten every guest.
  • With Papa Kazmi, we want to share our dad’s passion with the world. The upcoming cook book will be published in two languages, both in print and digital. Hills & Mills is a small and cozy restaurant with 25 seats, where dad is able to serve his public personally. The cookbook has the potential to touch millions of people, but our primary goal is to give him a present.
  • At HAKA, we serve healthy food fast. We make it easy for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering convenient food to consume at home or at the office. Our menu is 100% healthy and we also aim to live up to peoples’ unique (dietary) wishes.

6. Profit

Each of the concepts has the potential to stay in business for a long time. So that our clients, guests, employees and partners can rely on us. And as the safety net creates mental space, we are able to give it our all.

In practice

No concept goes live without taking care of the 6 P’s. This makes our purposeful concepts generous in essence. So when we step up, most people recognize it as such. Here are some examples.

  • Sharing the success of the successful crowdfunding campaign. Our community celebrates this achievement with us, because they know where we are up to.
  • Posting Papa Kazmi’s international media moments. People could think that we are doing this just to show off. But our fans know this is our way to give back to dad.
  • Showcasing our top ratings and reviews on our website. This helps us attract new guests, giving us the opportunity to serve them. The goal is generous, so the action is approved.


We show our ratings and reviews, because it helps us attract new guests we can enlighten.

We show our ratings and reviews, because it helps us attract new guests we can enlighten.

We kindly invite you to utilize on the 6P’s for your own business. This will help you to make your work generous. So the moment you show the world what you made, people know you are stepping up, and not showing off.

by Nawaz

Nawaz (1987) from The Netherlands is one of the two brothers who founded INMWTS. As the secret behind 6 unusual, but successful brands, they live their dream since 2009 and encourage others to do the same. Go, nail your way to success!