The Rock That Wouldn’t Budge — Life Lessons Series #20

Great Wave swelled far off in Bermuda and began to rise and fall, rise and fall, his way across the great ocean. Each time he rose, he rose a little further. And each time he fell, he fell a little further. On and on as he swirled his way across the great water desert.

You watch, you watch’, he cried to the little waves around him. ‘When I land what a splash there will be’.

With the wind to his back and the swell before him, he rose and fell, rose and fell. The little waves around him began to fear him and move out of his way. This pleased Great Wave, for a great wave likes nothing more than for the little waves to clear out of his path.

You watch me, you watch me’ he cried and he fell upon any unsuspecting little waves that chanced across his path.

Great Wave was relentless. Again and again he rose and fell, rose and fell. All the while he felt stronger and bolder, a greater momentum issuing up from the oceans depths. But one Little Wave, one innocent little wave that had never seen a great wave before began to follow him.

And Little Wave discovered a secret. He had been running before the Great Wave for a noon and a night and slowly, inexorably, he had been caught by the embracing momentum of Great Wave and had ducked out of his way just in time. Little Wave was curious how such a mighty wave might be. So he decided to follow the Great Wave to see where he was going and what was this thing called ‘land’.

As the Great Wave rose and fell and rose and fell just where Little Wave had been just a moment before, Little Wave wallowed behind his back, and hung on to the Great Wave’s shoulders. There he discovered he was drawn along by the momentum of the Great Wave and he could follow him for as long as he wished. Which, Little Wave did. He followed him and followed him wanting ever so much to see Great Wave land. And, by the by, Great Wave having dispersed all little waves before him, came swinging up and down, up and down to within the sight of land.

Ah ha!’ said Great Wave, ‘land at last. Just you see Little Wave, just you see’.

For Great Wave had spotted a sharp and rocky promontory protruding from Land. The cheek of it, thought Great Wave, look at that rock standing so proud and pushing himself out right into the midst of the our great ocean.

See what I will do when I land. See what I will do to that rock’, he shouted.

And with that he headed off on a direct collision course with the rocky outcrop. Now, Little Wave, fearing the self-righteousness of Great Wave began to move aside. On the one hand, he had never seen land before and on the other he feared what Great Wave might do – for Great Wave had huge momentum and all those before him had dispersed and scattered. And so Little Wave left the back of Great Wave and headed up the coast to see what he might see, all the while keeping a distant eye on the impending battle between Great Wave and the rock.

Here I come’ shouted Great Wave with such a terrible and fearful voice that even Little Wave could hear it loud and clear.

And with that battle cry, Great Wave lifted himself high about the rock and dashed himself low about the rock. All around the rock everything turned white, foam bellowed up as if from a dragon’s mouth and the birds high on the cliff edge launched into the air with terrified shrieks. Little Wave held his breath, for a moment all was mist and confusion. First the sound fell away and then slowly the watery shroud descended too, revealing the gleaming rock, the same as before, just shinier and brighter. But where was Great Wave?

From a far, Little Wave could not see, but the birds high above the rock heard the great sucking sound as Great Wave, battered and bruised, sought to withdraw and rise again. Great Wave gathered himself like a an old dust sheet drawn down off a piece of furniture. And the swell dropped, so Great Wave could rise again. Little Wave could, once more, see the great fearsome Great Wave, but this time, the proud posture was gone, replaced with a foaming and angry look.

Great Wave drew himself even higher than before and with all his might and rage hurled himself down upon the rock.  Again, a watery mist exploded as Great Wave’s rage echoed against the cliff wall behind.  And again, the Rock reappeared gleaming again, perhaps even smirking as once more Great Wave lay in foam and whiteness around his base.

And so it continued with Great Wave raging, withdrawing, rising and falling upon the Rock until all his energy was spent and the day was done. Not once did the rock budge. Never did it move, but just held still with a glint or gleam from his rocky crevasses.  Little Wave didn’t choose to see the end and sped further up the coast.

By and by, Little Wave found a soft piece of shore. It wasn’t as glamorous as the rock that defeated the Great Wave. Instead it looked gentle and most importantly soft. And there Little Wave decided to land. And to his great surprise, the land yielded, and into Little Waves swirls, fine golden grains were thrown and as Little Wave drew back into the ocean he turned and tumbled the golden grains to his hearts content for Little Wave was the only wave on that beach.

And he was the only wave to defeat land and take away its golden sand.

by Nawaz

Nawaz (1987) from The Netherlands is one of the two brothers who founded INMWTS. As the secret behind 6 unusual, but successful brands, they live their dream since 2009 and encourage others to do the same. Go, nail your way to success!