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What's up with the name?

Zig thaught us that success is a journey.


Have you ever felt that undying believe that you would make it, no matter what? That is exactly what we experienced when we started our professional journey. We have done a couple of prestigious projects. But to realize our full potential, we still need to work hard and take steps. As the late Zig Ziglar famously said: success is a journey, it is not a destination. We have carefully planned that journey: 1) Our purpose is clear. 2) We possess the grit to go on when things get tough. 3) We shaped a sophisticated game plan to get there. We are absolutely sure that one day, we will look back, and say: ‘I Nailed My Way To Success.’

We saw the light

‘I failed my way to success.’ – Thomas Edison

In our pursuit for the right name, the quote above intrigued us. However, you don’t have to invent a lightbulb to make it. Success leaves clues, and you can learn from them. More than 90% of the fails made by people who are aiming to achieve greatness could have been prevented, if they had modelled those who have walked the path before. Why fail, if you can nail it?

Thomas showed us that the journey to success is a long one.

Tony taught us to visualize your success.

When vision becomes reality

We challenge you to pursue success too. And, as Tony Robbins says, ‘you must have faith that it could actually happen and imagine your life as it would be’. One of the easiest things that can help you ‘see the reaching before you reach the reaching’ (thanks again, Zig), are affirmations. Those are things that you say over and over again with such an intensity that you actually start to believe it. Why not use I Nailed My Way To Success as your major affirmation? It might just work for you, too.

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